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to contact us if there are any further victims or information that might aid us in this investigation or others. >> he's in iraq war vet and a two-time police officer of the year. he turned himself in yesterday. it is alleged he lured a man to his home with the promise of a part of -- a part in an adult movie with a female actors. when the victim realized there were no girls the openly gay gillette assault him. when the victim tried to get away gillette chased him and opened fire with his service weapon. the victim was hit four times and seriously injured. gillette claims be injuries -- be in counter was consensual. >> nothing in his personal life led us to believe he was anything less in his personal life than he was as an officer on the street. >> police almost immediately
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doubted the story because others came forward to report that they had also been assaulted by him. the chief says he knows of no such claims. >> we have no inkling whatsoever he was involved in anything like that at all. >> with regard to the prior case we mentioned, is still in in the courthouse and has not gone to trial. in that case, the visitor to to let's, is the one charged with the crime because he is the one who discharged the weapon. we are getting a better look at the man police say is cutting women at local shopping malls. this is surveillance picture of the suspect and we're learning more about why he might be attacking. >> experts believe he is attacking because he has a strange mental disorder that keeps him from stopping. on june 20th, police say this
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man came into the marshals in greenbrier shopping center, distracted a young woman and then slashed her in the buttocks with a razor blade. it is believed to be the same man caught on surveillance camera to days ago at the fair oaks mall. he is suspected of slashing another teenage girl's buttocks leaving a bleeding cut. >> it is scary. >> its awful. if i knew it happened here, i would not have gone in. >> i think some people are free out and other people are thinking it's weird. >> there have been three additional attacks at these malls in fairfax county. this former agent who profiles criminal believes he suffers from a disorder that gets pleasure from the sexual gratification from stabbing another person. is a form of sadomasochism. >> a person gets sexual gratification from harming others or humiliating others.
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>> he believes the attacker will continue to seek new victims. >> it is absolutely an obsession with a have to keep doing it. he will keep doing it and eventually get caught. >> shoppers are on high alert. >> i would not go alone. i would be with an older man or something just to take precautions. >> that is what police are recommending. at least until they are able to make an arrest. if you recognize the man in those surveillance photos, you are urged to call your local police. d.c. council marion barry's sun has pled guilty to drug charges. he appeared in court this morning. police arrested him in may after they found pcp and marijuana in his apartment. he's scheduled to be sentenced in late september. a gas leak forced the evacuation of three dozen homes in montgomery county after 10:00
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in germantown. firefighters say contractors accidentally hit the gas line. firefighters had to wait for gas levels to drop before allowing people back into their homes. it was a beautiful july whether day. but the extreme heat is going to be coming back soon. let's go to the weather center for your first check on the forecast. >> the good news is the one-day heat will be a one day deal for high heat and humidity on friday. first, let's take a look get one of our live whether cameras at laurel high school. just a few high clouds and temperatures close to 90 degrees. 91 in quantico. 93 in the nation's capital. the dew point, when you have temperatures with dew point in the '40's, that is as good as they get in july.
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washington with a do point to 52 degrees and a temperature of 93. sonny 3 sunset. temperatures dropping to the '80s and eventually hitting at between 65 and 72. we will talk about how long it will stay hot and humid in your seventh day forecast. a loudon county sheriff's deputy is being held a hero after setting a 4-year-old boy dangling from a balcony. he was rescued at ridge cave and terrace and sterling but not before another child had already fallen. >> there was a lot of adrenalin and quick action, you can be sure. the 4-year-old girl was hanging from the balcony behind those trees. her 5-year-old cousin had gone down to the ground and was trying to get help. >> i arrived on scene and was the first one there. >> it was chaos when east showed up at the apartment complex on
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tuesday. a 5-year-old boy had fallen from the third floor balcony in the crowd was trying to help them. the deputy was looking through the tree branches. >> i noticed the four natural hanging from the railing on the outside of the balcony. >> the girl was screaming crying and struggling to keep her grip. he scrambled up the stairs to the third floor and pounded on the door until the little girl's mother who had apparently been sleeping answered. >> i rushed into the apartment and was able to get a decent hold. >> sweating from the the weather and the heat of the mollen, he met a challenge he never met. >> i was hoping that wasn't going to slip. she was losing grip and i pulled her over. >> neighbors are thankful the deputy arrived before another child was hurt. >> [unintelligible]
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>> it child protective services is looking into why the children were playing on the balcony in such a dangerous way. >> it is a very high. the mom needs to stay with the kids. >> tonight, we understand the 5- year-old boy is suffering from injuries to his head. he is in hospital but is expected to recover and his 4- year-old cousin has been able to visit him. new at 5:00 -- police have arrested a teenager in a murder at a prince george's county shopping center. the suspect has been identified as a 17-rolled from washington d.c.. a person was fatally stabbed after he tried to break up a fight that broke up -- broke out in hyattsville. four others were wounded in the incident. he is now awaiting extradition to prince george's county. family members of 9/11
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victims are scheduled to meet with the attorney general about allegations surrounding rupert murdoch's media empire. reporters are accused of trying to gain access to september 11th victims of private phone records. this allegation, as from a former new york police officer turned private investigator who says he turned on the proposal. the fbi has opened a preliminary inquiry into the allegations. after 102 years of healing the military would walter reed medical center is closing. let's go live to the hospital for today's salute. >> there is a concert going on behind me that is the final ceremony to the closing of walter reed army medical center. this is where the light eisenhower passed away and where hundreds of thousands of other wounded warriors came before and after. some came to heal, some came to die, but all came to serve.
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>> this private first class is here with his family and he says his recovery has been easy thanks to the staff at walter reed. >> this service is outstanding. >> after losing two legs and an arm in afghanistan he has had 10 surgeries and needs another. he will be transferred to bethesda. >> i will do this again a million times more. i don't regret nothing. >> this afternoon, there was a parachute jump from a double amputee and speeches from top commanders and a special performance by the doobie brothers some rock and roll to remember a special place. >> we are here to support the troops and bid farewell to walter reed. >> it was a full day of special
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tributes including a passing of the guard, the casing of the colors. these flags were put away as walter reed's responsibilities get passed on to bethesda naval. >> of the people here have a real legacy. this is an emotional closure for them because for most of our employees, this is family and as is the house closing down and having to move to a new location. >> for the most difficult phase of this process moving the last of the soldiers who are here who are recuperating and the doors of this historic hospital closed forever. coming up, a woman accused of having her brother-in-law killed takes the stand in her own defense. hear how she may have ruined the lives of five men. >> her son tumbled 70 feet down a cliff during a family hike and survived.
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>> and the redskins just got back to work and already there are big changes in the organization. >> it could be a he or a she hiding behind the computer screen. >> not just kids are victims of cyber belize. the website allowing the comments
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when website at lets people express their positive and negative opinions. >> 1 user is saying they were attacked personally many times. >> she studied business and worked as an investor -- worked as an investment banker and then move back home to alexandria to follow her dream. the cdo opened its doors in april and she's a small business owner. at first it got amazing reviews on yelp but one posting caught her eye. >> it caught my eye. >> six days later the posting was taken down. >> no sooner did they take it down, the same person with the
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same id road again except this time she is more inflammatory. >> every time it was taken down the poster would write again and eventually wrote about her 4- year-old daughter. >> that is what i said enough is enough and retained counsel and filed an official complaint with the police department. >> hoping someone would track down the side verbally and track down an actual person at yelp. coast to coast people say yelp is ruining their business. they say the format allows people to bash their business with no recourse, leaving them helpless and defenseless with no actual person to respond to their concern. she is just waiting for her side verbally to strike again, hoping someone can help. >> i feel personally threatened as a mother and business owner. in my opinion i'm not willing
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to back down. >> we tried to contact someone at yelp and gotten no number to call them and we e-mail them but have not heard back. and oregon father literally took a leap of faith to save his young son while there are hiking and a state park. a 3-year-old somehow fell more than 60 feet over the side of a cliff at silver falls state park. his mother says she turned around for a moment and he was suddenly gone. when the parents realize what happened the father sprang into action and jumped over the reeling after his son. >> i did not know where i was going to land. i felt he was going to go all the way down. >> amazingly, the father managed to catch up with his son and onlookers helped make their way down. both only suffered bumps and bruises. >> the international space station is getting ready for an ocean plunge a few years from
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now. in 2020 color russia and its partners plan to drop the space station into the water. the russian space agency says it's too heavy to be left in orbit as space junk. international partners have agreed to keep using the station until 2020. the station was launched in 1998 and was originally expected to stay in space just 15 years. by the eagles are back in the wild in virginia. workers rescued three of the birds after an airplane strike killed their mother. another was rescued from a net and the other was found in a field. the eagles have transmitters so they can be tracked. hundreds of people showed up to watch the release. and what a day to watch. >> great weather, low humidity and mostly sunny skies. but he and humidity are coming back.
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let's take you up the road to washington and take a look at their whether cameras as they look back in north arlington. this is a very similar scene for many communities in the viewing area. we picked up a few midlevel clouds and now some high-level cirrus clouds which will give us a beautiful sunset across the area. 92 degrees in burke but it feels like 93. 80 point at 59 degrees with temperatures in the upper eighties to low 90s and and a couple of spots popping higher than that. 89 degrees right now in baltimore. 91 in manassas. these temperatures, this is how it really works when you have to point in the 40's and temperatures in the '80s and '90s, that is as comfortable as you can be. nothing is oppressive, but over the next couple of days, these temperatures will rise into the
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'60s and lower '70s by friday's and that will feel very uncomfortable outside. a broader view of the temperature of renown. 75 degrees in detroit. and the back side of this system, 90 in chicago. 93 in indianapolis. that heat and humidity is headed our way. in dallas call 103 degrees. this heat and humidity will be our he wave that will move in for friday. warmer tomorrow, probably low to mid 90's and close to 100 degrees along with south southwesterly winds raising the do point to make it uncomfortable. the heat will live out and the weekend will be regular hot and humid stuff for july and a chance of late day showers and storms. these are the current heat indexes. kansas city is the highest you'll find. we're probably going to have heat index values over 100 and
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and will get better over the weekend. the satellite images show a shower and storm activity cockling folks off across michigan, but nothing more than a few clouds moving to the area tonight. the future cast gives us an idea of the cloud movement over the next 24 hours. we will get through some higher clouds to deal with at the surface when the award will increase. 79 degrees at night. 89 at midday tomorrow. through the afternoon, the humidity ramps up and we will be more humid. 100 degrees on friday. on saturday, may be an isolated storm. a better chance of storms on sunday and monday. if you are looking for temperatures to have highs in the '70s or '80s, i would say wait until september. >> don't say that. >> we are staying hot for a while. here is how we deal with the
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heat -- we give away another ipad2. >> we have more than 7000 entries on our facebook page, so congratulations tonight to our winner. our next giveaway is for vip tickets to see the nationals in a suite behind home plate with food and parking. just go to our facebook page to sign up. we will give tickets away on monday at 5:00. coming up, an important chicken nugget recall to tell you about. what does it take to be the roommate of the year? donovan mcnabb has his bags packed and appears to be headed out of town. reaction
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football is back, the redskins are back, but not all of last season's players will be returning. it looks like donovan mcnabb might be one of them. >> what do the fans think about these big changes? we've got more on fan reaction this evening. >> reaction is to the trade of donovan mcnabb. you could see the handwriting on the wall from last season.
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everyone could see it when he was benched late in the season but the only question is which team would he be traded to. now we know that it is minnesota. >> it was just one year ago when he arrived in town for the philadelphia eagles, hailed as the savior of the washington redskins. the franchise team had been looking for more than a decade. one short year later the savior is on his way out of town. >> i do not think he would have fit in very well and i was not particularly happy was on the team at all. >> redskins watchers, say it was an uncomfortable fit for the beginning. traded from in conference rival the guy we booed we have to now cheer for. for a few moments he thrilled us and gave us hope and ms. ford was falling in love with him. by the end of the season, he was on the bench and had coach was
5:26 pm
looking elsewhere for help. now he has been traded to minnesota. >> good for him. he deserves it. he has been mistreated badly in this town. let him go. >> it was not a match made in heaven and now the redskins jerseys that were once hot sellers are priced to go in area stores. fans are ready to turn the page and see what happens next. >> it to bad we only got a sixth round pick considering what we gave up, but we have to move a ford with the quarterbacks still on the roster. >> he has to sign off on the deal before it becomes official, but that is expected to happen very soon. we will have reaction from the redskins coming up a little later in sports. coming up, if the government does not need a debt deadline, what does it mean for the
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average family of four? a woman at the center of a northeast d.c. murder case takes the stand in her own defense. that s
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live and in h.d. -- you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. a woman accused of killing her brother-in-law took the stand today. >> the case involved a several
5:30 pm
fellow members and her lover. let's go live to d.c. superior court for more on this twisted story. >> she was surrounded by five men, all of them at sad fate. one a murder victim, another a suicide. two were arrested along with her for homicide and a brother was left in morning. she was on the stand today in her own defense, denying she helped kill the owner of a northeast pizza march. >> i did not kill him, but i knew it all revolved around me, she told a packed courtroom. prosecutors say she, our brother and boyfriend who has already pleaded guilty murdered the owner of pizza mart in august 2009 over money. a pakistan and of a -- pakistan immigrant paid $500 a week to marry the brother, so he could get a green card. but after a judge ruled a marriage a sham, the older one
5:31 pm
stopped paying. prosecutors say she went to the pizza market with her brother and a boyfriend and killed him. on the stand today she said the men were arguing when she left and only learned later he was murdered. then she said her husband brother, turned to her for help and she ran the pizza mark for the next week until police showed up and arrested her for the owners murder. she told questioners that another boyfriend was a police officer. the married detective hanged himself before he was questioned the. >> it's sad that somebody who is manipulated and murdered and a boyfriend -- a detective committed suicide would turn on her own brother to save herself. it's really sad. >> that is the attorney for the brother. leon robinson denies he was even there. the attorney asked her to
5:32 pm
explain the differences between the several men with him she was having sexual relations. she said one was a husband, the officer was for boyfriend and the man she lived with was her sex partner. >> thank you. let's take a look at our top stories this evening. a mount rainier police officer has been indicted on attempted murder and sex offense charges. gene gillette is convicted of trying to shoot a pornography film with him and other women but is instead it that man demanded sex and -- he shot the man four times as he tried to get away and a lawyer denies the allegation, saying the alleged victim tried to carjack his client. he is now being held without bail. police have released pictures of a man accused of cutting women's on the buttocks
5:33 pm
at stores. the most recent incident happened at a fair ever 21 store a few weeks ago. -- forever 21 store a few weeks ago. walter reed hospital is closing. an elaborate ceremony was held, including the symbolic handover of the walter reed sword and a performance by the army band. the hospital operations are being shifted over to a festa. the clock is ticking on a debt showdown. today, john boehner cracked the whip telling wave republicans to get behind a plan. the deadline is 6 days away, but what does it mean for the average american? let's go to capitol hill for the answers. >> there is a lot of talk about how the repercussions of a default would trickle-down to the average american. a lot of things could happen and it is that uncertainty that has people on edge. it is announced as families
5:34 pm
worried about their future and future generations. >> i'm that hoping there is just something there when i retire. >> we have a son that will be in college in two years. how are we going to do that if everything goes down the tubes? >> there were hoping to send their son to school on a grant but if the u.s. defaults, and that could not happen. >> he will be in more debt just to get a college degree that what we were. those are huge concerns. >> if a deal is not reached by tuesday, the u.s. will not have enough money to pay its bills. that means the nation's credit rating would likely be lowered and borrowing costs would rise in interest rates would go up on families struggling to pay debt. >> payments will go up and people will be able to pay their payments. i think they will pay their payments. >> jobs could take a hit as government trott -- government contractors worry jobs could take a nosedive. >> the contract in price goes
5:35 pm
down so we will build less prey >> some say they would rather wait and see rather than speculate. >> i think people are rushing to judgment and we don't know what going to happen. >> they hope washington will act fast so they can put their mind at ease. >> they need to make a decision. how long they going to drag it out? to the last minute? >> while all this is still a lot of our control and if interest rates go up, experts say the best thing you can do is pay down your credit card debt. today on capitol hill, there were several closed-door meetings but still no deal. today activists gathered in northwest washington to rally for greater access to medical marijuana. the protest was held in front of the wilson building. demonstrators what patients to have the right to grow their own marijuana. congress lifted the ban against neyra and breach against medical marijuana in 2009, but advocates
5:36 pm
say patients don't have safe and legal access to the drug. >> the patient will benefit from this program are fed up and sit and tired of waiting. they're sick and tired. what the medicine now. >> patients who want medical marijuana have to register with the city prior to buying the drug and they can only buy from sanctioned dispensaries. >> dozens of new bike share stations are coming to the district. 32 new stations will be installed this fall. they plan to expand 18 existing stations adding another 2 minutes 65 bikes to the system. for a full list of the new stations, good to our web site, let's get a check on the traffic situation. >> we are dealing with typical delays on 95 headed south in virginia and a slow ride on the ballet. "the interlude as solid and the
5:37 pm
slow on 66 toward georgia ave. slow between the two letters of the spur and the gallows. on to edit 70, heavier than usual delays from 370 continuing north at montgomery village avenue. even in clarksburg, still solid because of an earlier accident that has been removed. coming up, if you have an old party where traffic ticket in d.c., now is your chance to save money. i'm a strong believer in getting back to my community. >> some kids are taking their lemonade stands to a whole new level. metro's grand plan for helping people get in and out of train stations. we will tell you which stations another good thing about geiey is, they've got, like, real live people
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working there 24/7. so like say ylu need to report a claim, alright. a real person will be there to help you. then you can use to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they thterally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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[ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own subway® bbq pulled pork sub. slow-cooked pork with bold barbecue sauce. we have all seen them -- the lemonade stand is a popular way for kids to make money but one group of alexandria kids is taking it to a bigger and more profitable level. it's all for a good cause.
5:41 pm
after learning the ropes it's ready to sell. >> we are supposed to get a dollar and then we give them lemonade. >> the lemonade stand was put on by dozens of kids this spring. they are led by this 17-year old. >> i think it is old fashioned like five year-old that lemonade stands. >> it coordinate with spring for alexandria a community service event. they do all the work themselves from getting sponsorships to choosing the charities for donation. >> there are kids in our community needing books and don't have the money to pay for it. >> they have chosen the alexandria at shooting consortium and alexandria's
5:42 pm
child to receive the money they've or raised from donations and lemonade sales. >> everyone on the committee is so fortunate and we are giving back to those who are fortunate. >> as a mother, having your child share the same commitment to the community you do is the most important thing. >> it uses an old school business model to like the way for other children. >> we are all privileged and we want to give back. >> cents eliminate day was started nine years ago the children have raised more than $90,000 for local charities. >> absolutely impressive. coming up next, details of a chicken nuggets recall. a year of free men and $10,000 would be huge. meet the man who is the nationa
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one arlington man might be on his way to getting free rent
5:46 pm
for a year if he is named a roommate of the year. >> a nationwide video competition made him one of the top 11 finalists. but he has a few days to become number one. we explain what makes him such a good roommate. >> this 25-year-old from arlington is hoping these smooth moves on the home front will make him roommate of the year. he and his roommate/girlfriend produced and entered this video and to be roommates of the year competition. he shows himself during all of the things a good roommate best. >> doing the dishes, cooking desert, cleaning up -- >> he he even locate a missing shoot. >> i lose things all the time. everything is a disaster. >> she says he would be a great roommate even if they were not a couple. >> he's very considerate. >> they are convinced that play-
5:47 pm
by-play put them over the top because it's different than the typical entry. >> a lot of them or a laundry lists of we're going to do this thing and i'm going to wash your dog and take your girlfriend out to crack the chick flick. >> the winner gets a year's free rent and $10,000. >> living in the d.c. area is not the cheapest place to live. >> he hopes to wear his new title probably, making more clever videos to help other people be better roommates. he has until sunday to gather votes for his video. one grand prize winner and four runners-up will be determined by combination of public votes and a separate judging panel. for more information log onto our website the humane society's upping the reward on information leading to the arrest of whoever sought a local blog.
5:48 pm
but he survived being shot behind its family's homes. the humane society is offering a $2,500 award to find a shooter. this is on top of the $1,000 already offered by the humane society of washington. >> a food safety warning tonight -- a nationwide recall is expanding to include thousands of pounds of chicken nuggets. the recall covers pilgrim's pride fully cut back its shipped to dollar general market stores in nine states including virginia and west virginia. the chicken could be contaminated by bacteria. there are no reports of elvis. the recall of nuggets were sold in bags with a best buy date of june, 2012. in just a few weeks, kids will start heading back to school. a few dozen volunteers gathered at langston hughes middle school to a loan boxes to help -- as
5:49 pm
supplies are given to needy children who attend fairfax and loud and county public schools. students and firefighters out today. >> [inaudible] >> what we are not running on the emergencies, we try to find ways to help the community. we're unloading trucks to get school supplies to kids who otherwise wouldn't have any. >> these supplies will be distributed to 17,000 students. here is a look what's coming up in abc primetime. at a clock, a special "celebrity secrets." here the secrets of hollywood bombs. stick around for abc news at 11. let's get to sixth for a look at what's coming up at 6:00. you can add a number -- another name to the list of officials who want an embattled
5:50 pm
d.c. council and out of office. we will hear when he is saying about harry thomas scandal. the state department is raising a red flag for anyone thinking about traveling abroad. that warning and more. we'll see you at 6:00. hope you enjoyed the weather because the average about to come down. >> can't we just live in this moment? >> it will be hot and humid again, but no where near the levels we had last week. take a deep breath that we will get through it. here's a live look at the naval academy in annapolis. a few high cloud that contrails mixed in. a gorgeous evening with low temperatures and humidity. 88 in maryland's capital city. 93 degrees in washington. through the evening hours temperatures will drop into the '70s to upper 60s by early tomorrow morning.
5:51 pm
that a southerly wind will increase heat and humidity. this is a tropical storm bonds. hurricane hunters went down and fluid to the disturbance and said it has enough circulation with top winds of 40 miles an hour. with the movement to the west- northwest the expectation over the next several days will continue to move to the west northwest and remain a tropical storm and not become a hurricane. it will make land fall south of galveston. it will not become a hurricane according to projections from the national hurricane center. hot tomorrow but 100 degrees on friday with little higher heat index. back into the '90s for the weekend with increasing chances of storms late saturday night through monday. that is the latest.
5:52 pm
back to you. the redskins are making some moves today. >> the redskins and the vikings have a deal in place that will send donovan mcnabb to minnesota if he decides to restructure his contract. the skins will get a few traditional pick but donovan mcnabb is not happy about the way things were handled. they have agreed but the vikings top draft pick says he is thrilled to learn from an all- pro but you will still try to be in a vote. it has been a busy day at least that part all along. >> as players showed up, they reacted to the headline. >> he is gone, but it's a coaching decision. the players had nothing to do with that. >> the soap opera will soon be
5:53 pm
over pending the deal to minnesota. players admitted to started a new season just as confused as last one. a future hall of famers era lasted 13 games. >> i would be lying if i said i wasn't surprised or shocked. the whole redskin nation was. >> a guy who has been a pro bowler think he will come in and help us win more games but it did not work out. >> the deal will likely be done tonight, but the redskins already finalized a trade and exchange -- a move which caught players by surprise. >> where did he go? but ok. >> i have not heard about it. >> more on at 6:00. a no-hitter today, but this is the play everyone is talking about. the 19th inning -- the umpire says he is out. he save.
5:54 pm
what is he? he is safe because he missed the tag but the umpire says he gave the tag but missed the game and there. now baseball says a bad call, but this was the game under and 19 innings at 1:50 this morning. >> how can he say he did not make contact? >> we watch this and went back 5050 all the way through. >> i see a debate during the break. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ ♪ i got it, we got it ♪ [ groans ] ♪ who's got it ♪ see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from
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if you have an unpaid parking tickets this may be the day you are waiting for. >> the d.c. government has decided to waive all tickets from before 2010. >> for the countless victims of these so-called vultures, the time has come. folks like this man with 45 unpaid tickets say they may
5:58 pm
finally begin to their wallets. on august 1st they will launch an amnesty program for unpaid tickets. if you got a ticket before january 2010, you won't have to pay the late fees. >> i think it's great. >> the city expects to take in $6 million. >> we expect any number of people to take advantage of this opportunity to clear their debts at a lower cost. it will help the city collects revenue that would otherwise be hard to come by. >> more than 80% of the unpaid tickets have got to folks outside the district. >> have you considered letting people go and starting all over? >> >> if they don't take this opportunity, they could find
5:59 pm
themselves booted and towed. some say in this time but they should do everything to help. that is all for us of 5:00. at 6, less than a week to go before possible financial disaster in the nation. now there is word of battles within the republican party. new terror concerns with u.s. and europe. members of a group to like -- connected with al qaeda may have be recruited from our own backyard. live and in h.d. -- you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. less than one week before a possible national default and there's no agreement on a deal to raise the debt ceiling. >> a republican bill is getting a lot of the negative feedback, not just from democrats but from fellow republicans. house speaker john boehner is
6:00 pm

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 6, Washington 6, Walter Reed 6, Donovan Mcnabb 5, Virginia 4, Minnesota 4, Gillette 4, U.s. 3, Fairfax 2, Bethesda 2, John Boehner 2, Redskins 2, Pakistan 2, Arlington 2, Abc 2, Honda 1, Festa 1, Capital City 1, D.c. 1, The City 1
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